John Stormer

Welcome!  I'm glad you're visiting my website. 


Having just wrapped up my work with TimeBridge, I'm now looking for a marketing or business development leadership role in a growing company that is pushing into new frontiers--- that could be new products or markets or it could be building solid customer acquisition strategies. 

I call myself an inside-out marketer which means I start with the customer's experience with the product and work from there.  I look for key insights into their needs and their experience that will drive the marketing strategy and, importantly, the tactics. 

I created this site to provide you with a better way to learn about how I might be able to contribute to your organization.    As much as anything, it was fun creating.  If you have any suggestions about how I can tell my story better, please let me know.  If you're interested in talking in person all the better.  Email me directly or schedule a time to talk in person or on the phone.  If you'd just like to download my resume you can do that here.

Thanks for stopping by.